How to Spy on Someone’s WhatsApp Messages

If you want to track someone’s WhatsApp messages, you can download a WhatsApp spy app on your phone or computer. These apps allow you to view shared content and download call history, text messages, and social media activity on a mobile device. You can also install these apps on other devices, such as a cell phone or a laptop. You may want to try out some of these apps for free before you invest in a full version.


Parents can use a WhatsApp spy app to monitor their children’s mobile activity. Although less than 10% of mobile game players are teens, it doesn’t mean your kids can’t be vulnerable. This software also gives you access to your child’s contact list, allowing you to track the people they talk to and send messages to. This can be useful for background checks and if you ever suspect your child of doing something inappropriate. Another feature of the app is its ability to record telephone conversations.

XNSPY comes in two packages, a basic package and a premium package. The basic package has limited features, but is still a good option if you only need to monitor basic activities. It costs about $8.33 per month and includes the basic features, but doesn’t offer the premium features. If you’re looking for a more affordable option, try Xnspy’s free version.


There are several advantages of EyeZy WhatsApp spy. It allows users to track the messages of their targets from the palm of their hands. It can be used both in stealth and open mode. After installation, eyeZy will begin to collect data on the target’s device. It will send all the data to an online dashboard, which will display your targets’ text messages, voice calls, and contact details.

Once you have the data, you can view them to keep tabs on your children’s activities.

One of the most beneficial features of eyeZy is its ability to trace location. It works by combining

GPS position tracking with Wi-Fi network analysis. The software also has features such as Magic Alerts, which allow you to monitor when your kids go to certain places or use a certain word. You can also set up alerts based on the time of day and location to track where your children are.

You can also spy on what time they are online and whether they are talking to anyone.


If you’re suspicious that your spouse or employee is unfaithful, you should use a monitoring application like Snoopza WhatsApp spy. Not only will it let you monitor their online activities, but you can also track their calls, location, and web history. This application is compatible with Android devices only, but you’ll still need to root the target device to use it. If you’re worried that your employee is using a social network like Snapchat, Snoopza is an excellent option.

This application is one of the most powerful available for monitoring social media. It lets you spy on WhatsApp messages, chat conversations, and emails, save the chat conversation history, record calls, and store all the contacts and pictures. It even features a GPS tracker and can map the phone’s location. Those aren’t all the features Snoopza offers. This app can spy on any social media app that you’d like.

Whats web scan

The Whats Web Scan app allows you to open multiple WhatsApp accounts on the same device.

It also allows you to use the same account on several devices. You can scan a QR code from

WhatsApp to open the app and send a message without saving the phone number. You can also share and change your account from within the app. This app is rated as one of the best apps on the market today. The user interface is also great.

You can download the Whats web scan for Whatsapp web from the Google Playstore. It is an official app from the Apokalypse developer. This application is easy to use and can be found on the home screen of MEmu Play. The application is very lightweight compared to Bluestacks and is meant for gaming. The app does not require root access. It is free to download. It also provides the option of ad-free browsing.


If you’re worried about your partner’s sex life, spying on WhatsApp can help you stay on top of their activity. With technology today, proof can go beyond the keyhole! Spyic is a popular monitoring app that allows you to read messages on Android devices. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require any rooting. Here how to spy on someone’s text messages without their phone for free are some features of Spyic that you need to know. It lets you monitor WhatsApp on Android and iOS devices.

Unlike other WhatsApp spy apps, Spyic doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking the target phone. It runs silently in the background, so it doesn’t drain the battery of the phone. It is also designed for stealth mode, so your target will never know it’s being monitored. Once you’ve signed up for the free trial, you can spy on a target’s activity and monitor their online activities.